The End

So, as you may have noticed, I've been neglecting this blog for at least two months now. I really lost interest in talking about what was going on over here, and for a lot of that period (and long before) I was so full of contempt for my job and my situation that I felt anything I said would be negative, which isn't entirely fair.

Recently I've had some good experiences here, and I don't think I can be eloquent enough to share them on this forum anymore. So if you want some warm fuzzy stories, ask me in person. Because don't you know my tenure here is finally coming to an end. Although it had a bad middle I want to once again remind myself that the beginning and end of this experience were really great. I'll be coming home in early August and I want to leave this journal to stand as a record of what I did. But that being said...

I've started up a new blog. It will most likely not be updated until I get back to the states, but if you like to keep track of what I'm doing you can subscribe to the RSS feed or whatever. The new blog with contain posts looking back on Japan (with pictures, and hopefully a little perspectice) but it will be more focused on improving and enjoying my life when I get back to America. You can expect way more posts on topics such as video games, comics, politics, science, religion, etc...things I'm actually interested in.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Two Years Down. Make adjustments as necessary.


Good riddance

Jesse Helms was a bigot...a horrible, ugly human being. We are all better off now that he's dead. The fact that the president of my country called him a patriot makes me sick and sad.

How long until November again?