Good riddance

Jesse Helms was a bigot...a horrible, ugly human being. We are all better off now that he's dead. The fact that the president of my country called him a patriot makes me sick and sad.

How long until November again?


Anonymous Dad said...

Glad to see you are back on-line. You will love this...


The issue of race will always cast a shadow on Helms's legacy. He could never understand why he was viewed by many as a bigot, having run one of the most integrated TV stations in the South and often hiring blacks on his staff. His criticisms of affirmative action and forced busing were on the mark. But as conservative scholar John Hood notes, "he failed to marry every criticism of government overreaching with calls for the South's social and moral transformation and clear denunciations of racist business owners."

I think his record speaks for itself - he was a bigot!

Blogger golorengo said...

you're alive!

Anonymous Mom said...

Shouldn't you be packing????



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