I don't get it

How can she have scored a "decisive victory" or "rebounded" or any of the insane things the media is saying when she's still losing? To even come close to having the most delegates by the summer she's going to have to win by much larger margins than 14.

Yes. 14. That is the precise amount of delegates she netted in Pennsylvania. Yet the media continues with their "Hillary's comeback" bullshit.

All the while McCain is laughing his ass off...


Blogger Ashley said...

Is the media actually saying that? As far as I've seen, only Hillary has been saying that.

Anonymous Dad said...

From an Obama e-mail:

She came up short.

In fact, she barely made a dent. At most, she picked up a net gain of 12 delegates -- less than our gain, for example, in Colorado (where we gained 17) or Kansas (where we gained 14). Her gain in Pennsylvania was less than half of our gain in Virginia, where we added to our lead by 25 delegates.

Blogger dmac said...

@dad: Yeah, my 14 was from an early estimate. Wowzers. 12 whole delegates! What a comeback!!!


NY Times "decisive victory"

I think they need to look up "decisive" in a dictionary.

Blogger Isaac said...

NY Times: decisive ass dickery

Blogger Isaac said...


Blogger dmac said...


Wow, I couldn't hear it at first but when it got to the HareHare Yukai part I nearly shit a brick. Awesome.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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