Ben and Matt BLOWING UP!

Look at this YouTube business. IIUM/KUS is featured (at slot #3) in the company of none other than Adventure Time! Rock on!

Keep doing what you're doing guys.

PS- I have the feeling a rabid fan may have just uploaded a RDCCDX AMV. Just a hunch.

EDIT: In the time since I posted this IIUM has been boosted to #2 featured video. Just peep the front page of YouTube.



Blogger thomas said...

i like this "ben levin" guy. i hope i get to meet him someday.

Blogger Lindsay said...

what did you use to write on the picture? i have never been able to find the mac equivalent of paint on my computer

Blogger dmac said...

@ lindsay: I used the Gimp. It's the open source version of Photoshop. And it's very extremely free. For any flavor of linux/unix...including OS X.

Blogger Lindsay said...

yeah i downloaded that too. i was just curious if there was something already on my computer that i was missing. guess not


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