End of an Era

The NYU webspace I used to host the final Konami Code album has finally been 404ed, nearly two years after my graduation. Those files have been available to the public since 2004. I'll find somewhere new to host them soon, but for now I just wanted to reflect on that.



Anonymous bisceglie said...

shoot me a note, i've got plenty of server-space.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OOOooohhhh, Darrell's fuckin' Ben Affleck! He's the one who's fuckin' Ben Affleck in prisonnnn!

Blogger Isaac said...

P.S. It's me.

Blogger Isaac said...

Earlier in the day, I rickrolled my brother and one of my employees, and then I went crazy and decided Belair LJ. Then I bought a Korg Kaossilator.

Blogger dmac said...

Wow, that's an eventful day. Seriously though. Your belair was perfect. I got all into it and was all on the edge of my seat. Damn.

Blogger Ashley said...

update more about Japan and put up more pictures please. thank you!

Blogger kitschmensch said...

hey dere, dmac. got to listening to your CD earlier this weekend... wow, pretty damn rockin'. i had no idea you sounded like that. :) keep fighting the good fight against fights over tomatoes. i'm really impressed too by the quality of the last two full-band tracks. do share more.

i'm compiling a list of pages to link to now. i notice you have a music page. mind if i add it?


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