So I guess I was sick...

This is what the doctor gave me:

That's a lot of drugs...and I'm not even sure what half of them did. I'm not exactly sure the doctor knew either, but I do feel better.

National healthcare is fucking great. I went to the doctor. Saw the doctor immediately. He gave me a prescription. My visit and prescription cost me about $20. I feel better. And guess what? EVERYONE who lives in Japan can have this exact same experience for a tiny amount of money taken out of their paycheck every month.

Oh what's that America? You hate poor people and want them to die? Oh, sorry I brought it up then...I had no idea it was intentional. Sorry, I'll quit talking about it.

What have I been up to?

Check out this set over at Flickr. More photos not taken by me...thus including me.

Set includes:
- Silver Mines field trip
- more Halloween action
- Thanxmas dinner
- Xmas Party
- Elementary School fun times

Check them out and comment...or not.

Hello Internets

So I kind of hate my blog. Maybe you've noticed. But I don't hate you. You're just fine.

I updated flickr again. Here is a set of pics from my recent road trip with my friends Luke and Eric. You can check out the photos and kind of get the picture...but I did want to share one experience.

We were on the road to visit Luke's friend Clint. We were almost to Mt. Fuji and we stopped at a rest stop to get a bite to eat. I was pretty hungry so I decided to have McDonalds for like the 3rd time since I've been in Japan. Luke, Eric and I got our Value Meals and headed over to the seating. We unwrapped and began to eat...and then I noticed that Eric and Luke, who were sitting across from me, were staring straight ahead at something over my shoulder. I turned around and saw Fuji just standing there, all tall and imposing and whatnot, framed perfectly in the window. It was pretty. I finished my Big Mac and shoved fries into my mouth. Good times.

Watch for more soon. Seriously. Like in 10 minutes or so.