Exactly One Month

It's been a long time since my last post. My apologies to the people who actually check this for updates. I've been really lazy lately. Also, I haven't felt anything was really worth mentioning. Year two is just year one all over again, except I understand a little more Japanese.

However I have something to report. Something awesome.

Today was Asahi Junior High's cultural festival. Think every event in a normal school's calendar (band concerts, chorus concerts, art shows, plays, etc) all rolled into one day. That's a cultural festival. God bless the Japanese and their penchant for consolidation, but it is a long, and often tedious day.

The highlight of last year's cultural festival was the brass band portion. Asahi has an exceptionally good brass band for such a small school, and if you'll recall last year they wowed me with a sweet-ass version of "Tequila." Well this year they topped it. Not only did they perform a disco medley complete with "Do The Hustle" and "Dancing Queen"...but...wait for it...they played the effing theme from Neon Genesis Evangelion!!! No lie. It was one of the single best moments of my life here in Japan. Cruel Angel's Thesis played by a bunch of Japanese junior high school kids. Totally sweet.

Tomorrow ought to be sweet too, it's the annual Kid's Halloween Party at the Hamada community center. This time I'm gonna remember my camera. Look forward to pics. And more posts. But not like, a lot more, just more. More than once a month.