So I guess I was sick...

This is what the doctor gave me:

That's a lot of drugs...and I'm not even sure what half of them did. I'm not exactly sure the doctor knew either, but I do feel better.

National healthcare is fucking great. I went to the doctor. Saw the doctor immediately. He gave me a prescription. My visit and prescription cost me about $20. I feel better. And guess what? EVERYONE who lives in Japan can have this exact same experience for a tiny amount of money taken out of their paycheck every month.

Oh what's that America? You hate poor people and want them to die? Oh, sorry I brought it up then...I had no idea it was intentional. Sorry, I'll quit talking about it.


Blogger Jamie said...

you love to be all blogstipated and then blogarrhea a bunch. your pictures look so fun, especially the xmas ones. i missed you when i watched pee wee's christmas special this year!

Blogger Kenneth Griggs said...

Yeah, but in America we live like 25 years longer than the rest of the world and our hospitals are much, much whiter inside. Plus our doctors drive really nice cars.

Blogger Isaac said...

I support what Mr. Griggs there is saying, and I also want to point out that at least we're not communists here in the U.S.

God doesn't want us to have universal health care.

Blogger golorengo said...

Speaking of drugs, I was in Mexico last week and you can literally buy Prozac, Zoloft, Viagra, Amoxicillin, Erthyromycin, Prednisone, you name it, over the counter without a prescription. CRAZYTIMES


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