I'm Starving

Here's some pics I threw up on Flickr:

Sports Days

More to come...


Anonymous debbymac said...

Can't wait for more.....

I know - never satisfied.

I love you!

Blogger Jamie said...

foot fetish?

Blogger andrewkudlick said...

I went to a travelling zoo once... It was like 30 degrees C, and they had an artic wolf in a cage with a fan blowing on it. The poor thing looked dead already. They had a monkey show, too, and when the monkey did something wrong, the trainer hit it on the head and yelled "Obeika!"

Blogger Isaac said...

-There was one part in your Halloween set, called like "Tunnel" or something, and you had all these plastic bags hanging down like fingers. It reminded me of the haunted house Julie and I went to before Halloween (part of a package deal with a haunted hayride and "Mummy Theatre"). Mummy Theatre turned out just to be a big barn with benches and bales of hay that you could sit on, and a big projector playing non-violent short clips from horror movies. There were kids present, so I guess they couldn't show the bloody bits.

The hayride was good fun. Lots of dudes in costume running out of darkened apple orchards and snatching at your feet. During the grand finale, this witch and her cannibal husband were summoning some sort of daemon or devil or somesuch, and they decided to set the mood by playing death metal. I was genuinely terrified when some guy in a horrific costume that made him over 10 feet tall (seriously!) came running out and loomed over me.

Anyway, the haunted house you had to go through after the hayride was incredibly scary. I was so scared. Part of the way they accomplished this was by making you walk through several of what Julie referred to (correctly) as the "giant vagina." These were sections of the very dark, narrow passage that were completely engulfed by sets of some sort of tightly inflated black cloth balloon. The balloons were being constantly inflated by a fan or something behind the scenes, and to get through them you had to claw and fight. I'm not claustrophobic in any way, but it made me want to GET OUT, and really added to the feeling of panic they engendered.

So...your dangling black plastic bags reminded me of that. Good job!

Blogger Ashuri said...

I'm gonna add a hip-hip to that hooray, those Halloween photos are classic.
It's been a while. I heard I was dead to you.
So this is me rising out of the fog next to a tin bucket full of some Dickens coal to say..."Happy Holidays!" (rattle, rattle, rattle)


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