EDIT: Since I wrote this post Apple has lowered the price of their DRM free music to match the price of their DRM poisoned product. While I still don't agree with DRM, because they have now priced them the same I rescind my earlier call to stop pruchasing from the Apple iTunes music store. Not that you HAD to listen to me anyway or anything. Just letting you know I changed my mind. (^_^) But please please please, still buy only DRM-free music. Do not buy DRM infected products. Tell the big companies you won't support their efforts to take what you've rightfully paid for away from you. Thanks for listening to my rant.

Here's the old post for posterity and honesty:
...from the iTunes store.

I know I said I was going to keep this blog about Japan from now on, but this is too important to me.

Download your music from Amazon from now on...it's cheaper (in most cases) and the files aren't riddled with DRM poison. Or pick another DRM-free service.


Stop supporting Apple's BS music store.

Thank you for your time.


Blogger golorengo said...

Word. I've never bought anything from iTunes, a fact I am irrationally proud of.

PS Respond to my email!!

Anonymous debbymac said...


Blogger Isaac said...

I will not.

Blogger Isaac said...

To clarify: no other service has the selection I require. I refuse to steal music as I think it's unethical, and damn what the irresponsible everything-should-be-free internet thinks (that logic will destroy the whole damn thing). I've never been bothered by the DRM on iTunes, and I don't feel like Steve Jobs & Co. need to be "sent a message" on this particular topic. It's not Apple being jerks, they don't care - it's the record labels. I buy the iTunes Plus music when it's available.

Blogger Darrell said...

Fair enough. I only have one point of contention. While DRM is clearly the fault of the record industry, Apple should have demanded the record labels cut DRM out of their files long ago when the iTunes store emerged as the leader in the field. I contend that they had a lot of clout and they essentially chose to pull a very Microsoft-esque bullshit move. DRM doesn't work. It's retarded. You're punishing your loyal customers by including DRM in files because a pirate is just going to rip the CD copy and upload to Pirate Bay anyway. Pirates don't buy from the iTunes store. The DRM didn't bother me so much when the iPod was the clear leader in the portable mp3 player market, but I haven't been satisfied with my last two iPods...and now the few albums (including exclusives) I've purchased from iTunes store over the years will have to be burned to CD and back to the computer so I can play them on my next mp3 player (which will NOT be an Apple product). Oh, and Apple stopped the burning to CD and ripping trick with the newest iTunes update, so I'll have to do this before I update my iTunes and I don't really want to as it's a huge waste of my time.

I'm not really trying to villify Apple as I know the recording industry is truly to blame, but to some extent they are culpable in the proliferation of DRM in music.

Amazon, on the other hand, is coming right out of the gates with a more informed, positive stance on the DRM thing so I say support them.

Blogger Jamie said...

update this jam.


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