Why Console Video Games Aren't Fun Anymore

Following on the heels of the new CEO of EA and on the eve of E3 I wanted to say a few things about video games.

Firstly, John Riccitiello is right. I am damned tired of sequels...I'm tired of Madden 200X and Metal Gear Solid X, etc. Yeah, those games were good in their initial inception, and they were good when re-invented for newer technology, but no amount of amazing graphics or "more challenging" gameplay is going to make me be really satisfied with essentially playing the same game again. If I want to do that then I will play the exact same game over again, and it'll probably be Final Fantasy Tactics.

You see what Sony and Microsoft can't get right is that only a small fraction of gamers play for that "next gen" experience. They're middle-aged guys with bank accounts and fratboys who want to impress their friends. Though it is much hyped and much criticized, the average gamer could care less about the differences in graphical capabilities from PS2 to PS3. What your average, classic gamer cares about is having the most fun for their buck...not how real it looks when they beat the crap out of a hooker.

Console video games used to be directed at kids, and while I think the realization that adults play them too was a huge one I don't think it helped gamers. This is because the game makers decided they could start charging whatever the hell they wanted for the their products. $500 for a console...sure, why not? $50-60 per game...go ahead! Our target market has the money to spare! This was a huge mistake.

As anyone with half a brain can see from the sales figures; the company that does the best in moving product is Nintendo. This is because Nintendo has come to terms with the fact that people want FUN video games, not more expensive, flashy ones. And parents sure aren't going to buy the $500 system where you can play the game about killing people over the $120 one where you can play a game about making friends with animals.

Kids and real video game fans are looking for that new experience, that new feeling of freedom and exploration you get when you play a game with a truly novel idea. And, yes, they're looking for Pokemon...but that's another story. In Japan the current crop of "kyouiku" or educational games is flourishing...and guess what? They're all on DS. They're fun quiz games and brain teasers that you can play with the whole family. They're not Halo 3. And none of them cost over $40.


Blogger Kenneth Griggs said...

Are you even insinuating that Madden should not be made every year? I am going to act like you didn't say that Darrell.

Blogger Isaac said...

The DS has been my favorite console since it came out. I thought the Wii might dethrone it, but then I used the Wii to play VC games and little else. There's been nothing so far that would come close to convincing me to buy a PS3, or even an Xbox 360. I don't want any games on those systems. I want more DS games, all the time.

Blogger Darrell said...

Well the more I consider Madden I see that it makes sense...you need to update the team rosters and such every year, I'll concede that. But there must be a better way of doing it now, like a downloadable update, so that you don't have to buy a new $55 game every year.

I couldn't agree more. Aside from my retro gaming (play a ton of SuperFamicon over here) the only system I use consistantly is my DS. I can spend hours in the DS section of a Japanese video game store, and I wish I had the money to buy all the random bizarre games they have over here.

Blogger Kenneth Griggs said...

I dig. They want to make the cash though.

Blogger Jaegan said...

I see a few things going on in your post. I agree with most of your premises, but I think you left a few out.

- Without hard numbers, I would be willing to concede that children make up the general gaming populace, though you wouldn't notice from the way these more "mature" games are being shoveled into the marketplace.

- That being said, there is definitely a growing market for mature audiences. This might be attributable to the weakening of the stigma against game-playing in your 20s. Is it growing at the same speed and magnitude as the rate of material being released? Probably not, but even so, the age of the average gamer has unequivocally increased over the past 10 years, not decreased.

- I'll admit, I'm an FPSer. I was for a bit with Quake, then I stopped because...well, it became boring. Started up again with Battlefield 2, because the experience became far more encompassing. Instead of some blind deathmatch bullshit, I actually felt like part of a (somewhat) cohesive battle front, where people had to work together to achieve objectives and...well, you get the point. I don't think it would have been possible to create such an atmosphere in a game unless the "mature" market weren't there.

That being said, 400 dollars for a system is fuckin' bananas.

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