Staff Room Dialogues

Today there was a big school-wide sports thing in the gym. One of the sports was dodgeball. I heard this snippet of conversation between two teachers:

A: What ball are we using for dodgeball?
B: I thought the volleyball would be fine.
A: Won't that hurt?
B: Yeah, but I think it's okay.

Then a few minutes after the dodgeball gets underway a different teacher comes running into the staffroom:

A: Tissue...I need a tissue!
B: Did someone get a nosebleed?
A: No, it's a chronic nosebleed.*
B: Oh, well that's good.

I mean I guess so. I guess it's good.

*(Note: The Japanese here is hard to translate...it really doesn't sound as dire as "chronic"...but the speaker was trying to imply that it wasn't caused by volleyball.)


Blogger Kenneth Griggs said...

It is during such moments I wish I knew what the hell was happening.

But every morning for 15 minutes I'm glad I am totally lost in my sudoku puzzle and don't have an inkling of what's happening around me...

Anonymous alex said...

This is why I love the Japs. Nothing wrong with a little danger and pain to build up some character.

Blogger Isaac said...

Wait...did someone show someone else their panties? Because if so, than everything I've ever seen on Japanese culture (i.e. some anime) tells me that the cause of the nosebleed is explained.

Blogger Isaac said...

Pictures of the Nihongalese sewer system

Blogger Lindsay said...

hahaha. oh wow, that is a gem right there.


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