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Following up on my last post, in which I was getting pretty down about America, here's a video that's a must watch. Seriously, it will take about 20 minutes, but it will truly be worth it.

James Howard Kunstler talks about the blight we in the US like to call "Suburbia" and how it needs to be changed to not only save our collective sanity, but to better prepare us for the coming energy crisis. He is very blunt and I personally think it helps his message greatly. People need to wake up and realize that the Wal-Mart, SUV, McHouse, suburban, irresponisble-spending, me-me-me, paranoid, consumer culture is destroying America and has been since the Second World War.

Please please watch this video.


Anonymous Isaac said...

And of course the problem is that even if by some miracle the people perpetuating this problem watch that video, they will blindly sweep it aside, mindlessly rationalizing it, choking back up the propaganda they eagerly swallow at every opportunity.

Coming back from Scotland, it honestly seemed like I'd stepped into a place of insanity, a grounded distillation of every piece of dystopian literature I've ever read. It's filled with so many angry, frightened people - conditioned from birth towards greed and willful stupidity. They push and shove their way through life, violently reacting against any perceived inconvenience, which includes the difficult notion of free thought. Mindless consumption is king, and anything that questions that fact, like any mention of the word "environment" is unpatriotic and should be destroyed.

The insanity is Carroll-ian. Up is down and black is white. Someone who calls themselves a "conservative" means someone who supports the trampling of the founding principles of this country. It means sending our troops and resources to far away, death filled places to be destroyed. It means blind, eager support of leadership no matter what. It means support of a political agenda that is enforced through farcical theocracy. Meanwhile, liberal somehow means the complete opposite. People in this country are almost universally mired in debt, and yet they will defiantly spend $400 a month on transport alone in order to drive an H2 to work.

We live in some twisted version of the Levittowns from the fifties, where every village, town, and city is filled with the same stores, on identical looking, trash-filled streets. The homogeneity is endless and astounding, a country-sized strip mall, with life dominated by the whim of corporations.

In every city is a section that resembles nothing more than a war-torn third world country - crumbling, abandoned buildings, rusting, burned out cars, homeless and insane people wandering slowly through the smog-filled wreckage, shellshocked by their existence. The people in these sections of every American city live in an astounding state of violence that statistically rivals some cases of civil war in African nations.

I think of "America" and the vision that fills my head is that of an obscenely bloated insect, too large to be stopped, twitching blindly and crawling across the globe, leaking acerbic filth in its tattered wake. The beast is prod forward by millions of tiny people, howling with mindless animal rage and hanging on to the hairy outcroppings of its massive body with one arm while furiously beating at it with their other. A locust beset by cross-bearing apes, come to spoil the world.

Something is broken, and unfortunately I think that it cannot be repaired. Happy fucking fourth of July.


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