My friends Donna and Rebecca have been performing with a all-female taiko group for about half a year now. I didn't get the chance to see them until fairly recently, and sadly the show I saw may be their last.

Taiko is a sort of sychronized drumming that is very famous in Japan. There's even a taiko video game, which some of you may have seen in America. It requires a lot of practice and concentration, but the payoff is way cool.

I really have to hand it to Donna and Becca. Their taiko group is one of the better ones I've seen, and the two of them are no slouches. It's a shame they're leaving Japan so soon!


So cool.

Check out more pics here.


Anonymous Mom said...

This is cool! Good for Becca and Donna!
Maybe they'll start Taiko groups when they get home.... I'm sure that you will miss them.

Anonymous Dad said...

Brings back memories of playing the Taiko game at the arcade! You kicked my butt.


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