Random Happenings

So a lot of stuff has happened lately and I've been really busy! Expect a few blog updates this week, as well as some Flickr updates.

In fact, I just uploaded a bunch of pics to Flickr that my lovely girlfriend Mao took. Good news for Mom: I'm actually in a lot of them! You can check out the whole set here.

There are pics from an Azalea Festival:


Children's Day Parade

Some Gaijins shows:

The Gaijins in Matsue

Hamada Rox

And other stuff:

Yay!!! Dinosaur Boat



Blogger Jamie said...

a) you're welcome

b) nori has a totally sweet haircut, i'm so into it.

c) that baby is so grumpy.

d) dinosaur boats wtf? so j.

e) those sticker pictures are so awesome, you look great!

Anonymous Mom said...

Woohoo! Terrific pictures... Please be sure to THANK Mao:)
How'd you like the dinosaur boat pictures? Funny coincidence.....


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