So, like, a reeaaally long time ago I went to see a demonstration of a cool japanese "sport" called yabusame. It's basically archery on horseback, and it has a history going back hundreds of years.

It was a beautiful day, and as you can see I took quite a few pictures of the cherry blossoms which were in full effect. As with all things Japanese, the yabusame demo had a 30-40 minute opening ceremony, and about 15-20 minutes of actual archery. It was still cool. These dudes (and dudettes) ride at full speed and have to fire at a target the size of a dinner plate. Back in the day, if you missed you committed ritual suicide. Luckily today you don't have to do that so much.

There was an exciting a scary moment when one of the archers fell off his horse. I have the "after" shot of that here. All in all it was a good day, and it even ended with a little bit of taiko, or Japanese drumming.

So yeah, slowly but surely I'm gonna start updating this old blog again. So keep coming back to check for updates.



Anonymous isaac said...

What could be better than archery by itself? Why, archery on horseback with the threat of death as failure's reward!

I still have never ridden a horse and it makes me sad. My girlfriend's aunt has two horses, and this weekend I have to choose between going to a pair of 10 year old kids' birthday party at aforementioned aunt's house just to ride a horse MAYBE, or to go to FNM, where I haven't been for like 2 months...It's such a hard decision!

Blogger Ashley said...

Hey hey hey I'm back in the USA. The cherry blossom pictures were beautiful!!


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