This is weird. You can now zoom in to a street-level view of some areas on Google Maps. Check out my old apartment. Bushwick represent.


Anonymous Urzatron said...

I was spending hours looking at NYC on that thing the other day. I was down in New York for the National Stationary Show and it made me miss it real hardcore. I can never decide if I want to live there or if I don't.

Blogger Ashley said...

That's creepy. I don't think I want to check and see if you can see my apartment.

Anonymous kat said...

hey it's kat i just thought i'd say what's up. throw me a brick or email - alexander.kat@gmail.com

Anonymous ravaging darksteel arcbound colossus of kaldra said...

Hey, I don't know if this is super old, or what, but if you search Google Images for "how japan sees america" you get a pretty sweet result.


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