Required Reading

The best webcomic ever is xkcd. It may be full of stick people, and sometimes contain jokes that are over my head, but it is consistantly the funniest comic in the internets.

I submit this comic and this comic as proof. Check it out, cause there's plenty more where those two came from, plus all his crazy maps and graphs.

The second best webcomic is Detective Trousers. Go Zach.


Anonymous alex said...

yes. along with indexed. so nerdy its 1337

Anonymous isaac said...

oh man, that second one about cats was so great. the cat-caption phenom is one of the best ever.

Blogger darrell said...

Alex: I forgot about Indexed! Good stuff.

Isaac: Indeed. I also love the "Here Be Anthropomorphic Dragons" portion of the Map of Internet Communities. Reminds me of "I'm a Draaagon!" Oh, and here's one you'll appreciate.

Anonymous Dad said...

This is a great site - I couldn't stop reading them!

I loved the Internet community map too!

Good to see you back on-line.


p.s. Love from mom too.


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