Goldfarmer Documentary

I'm infinitely fascinated with virtual economies. Today on BoingBoing I spied this link to a guy who is making a documentary about his experience working as a goldfarmer in China. Check out the trailer. It's still a work in progress, but it looks like it might be a showstopper once it's finished.

These people work long hours for really crappy pay to give rich Western gamers the in-game currency they need to buy all that sweet Epic gear. In response they are treated as pariahs in-game, often times by the very gamers who buy the farmed gold. They are seen as "ruining" the in-game economy, when in reality they are often doing the exact opposite, while at the same time avoiding running with gangs, prostitution or other more dangerous pursuits.

Fascinating stuff.

[link via BoingBoing]


Blogger Lindsay said...

wow, 4 years of econ classes and the topic of a virtual economy never came up once...i had to look it up to find out what it means. that definitely does sound interesting and i'm mad i've only just now been introduced to it because let me tell you, econ classes could use some spicing up...


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