The Gaijins

My pop-punk band, The Gaijins, played it's first show over here a few weeks ago in Hiroshima. I've uploaded some sweet pics from that night over at Flickr.

It was a pretty sweet event. We were originally supposed to play at another venue...but it got double-booked by accident (oops!), so we got moved. The bar we got moved to was having a quiz night, but they said we (and the couple of other bands we were supposed to play with) could go on after. Five days before the show that turned into "You have from whenever the quiz ends until 12 to play." This left a total of an hour for all the bands (conservative estimate), so a bunch of bands got cut. In fact everyone except us and the dude who organized the show's band. That dude, Liam, is a really nice guy and offered to play drums for us when our drummer couldn't make it to the show. He only practiced with us twice but he nailed everything. Good on Liam.

So yeah, it was quite the bootlegged show, but would you want anything less for your punk band's first show? Most of the quiz patrons just ignored the music, though I was kinda pumped when a bunch of people got up out of their seats (gasp!) and moved toward the stage to bob their heads when we started playing. It brought a tear to my eye.

Anyway, enjoy the pics. One day I'll get some video up here. Peace out.

(Oh, and PS, the matching blue t-shirts were a coincidence...)


Blogger Lindsay said...

my friend shanna lived in japan for a year between high school and college and she was talking about it the other day and the word "gaijins" came up so now i know what it means and i like it :)

Blogger Ben said...


I'm SUURE those shirts were a coincidence.

You blue yankees. Go home!

Anonymous Joshua Fleitell (a.k.a. dr.light) said...

Yo -

found your blog thru Alex's and him thru the ITP site... Long time no talk/see - glad to read that you're doing well AND IN JAPAN. Congrats dude - even though ur bored, its gotta beat the fuck out of the states. I was almost inclined to look you up when i moved to Astoria in October of '06 - but i quickly found that I didnt even have a last # for you and i couldnt find the SHS directory after moving to LA and back for the past 4 years. Im going to the ITP show tomorrow night, maybe ill run into Alex - he always hated me a lot, it'll be good to see him.



Blogger Jamie said...

hahaa. ah, man.

Anonymous Isaac said...

Hey man. I think it's really awesome that off in some crazy foreign Japan place, you still managed to get a band together and play a show. It's awesome.

I am still feeling the post-travel malaise.

Blogger Ashuri said...

looking forward to hearing and seeing the Gaijins play again soon!


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