Dead Old Guys

First it was Jack Valenti a couple weeks ago...and now it's Jerry Falwell. I'm starting to think I have the power to kill evil people with my mind.

Just a thought.

(Edit) While browsing through various obits on Falwell over at Google News I realized yet another reason I love the internet media way more than the traditional media. Bloggers don't have to pretend to have nice things to say about an evil old bastard who used religion as an excuse to deprive others of their rights. While all the obits in mainstream papers mention that he was a "controversial" figure, none have the guts to go that extra step and call him out on the bastard he really was (or praise him for his accomplishments, if that's the way the paper leans). At least bloggers, right and left, have the freedom to call people assholes when they're assholes.

Oh, and Falwell was totally an asshole.


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