Gang Control (Worldwide)

Click here for an awesome video of a bunch of cosplayers meeting up to do a sychronized dance routine in Akiba...only to run in fear as a couple of cops stroll up to ruin the fun.

I mean chances are most of these people never even leave their apartments (or the comfort of 2ch). Here they are out in public, creating art, clearly entertaining the bystanders and the cops have to come along and impose boredom on everyone because anything out of the ordinary is obviously bad. I guess for the record it's not just Boston cops who are brainless thugs and morons...it's Tokyo cops too.

(Okay...for the record it's all cops...)

[via BoingBoing]


Blogger aliciajean said...

I particularly appreciate Mister Donut as their background choice.

Hooray for public spectacles!

Anonymous Prunella said...

Good words.


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