One of my funnier kids

My kids tend to not be that funny. In fact, most of them are just plain annoying when they attempt humor. However, I have one 2nd Year at Kanagi who is consistantly pretty hilarious.

As a bit of background, my 2nd Years are like a pack of wild animals. They have no regard for authority or education or anything beyond acting like total savages. During class they typically talk, pass notes, throw things...basically anything that isn't learning is okay in their book. There's a few good kids, obviously, but they tend to get drowned out by the ones who act up.

One of the good kids is Daisuke. He's a twitchy little guy with a shaved head (a hallmark of the baseball club) and terrible hay fever. He also likes to constantly play with his willy. However, he's also pretty interested in English...which makes him one of two kids in the 2nd Year who are.

Yesterday his allergies were pretty bad, I blame the 60 degree day we had on Sunday. His eyes were nearly swollen shut and he was constantly blowing his nose into an endless supply of gross tissues on his desk.

During the lesson I was standing near his desk in the back of the class. After a particularly violent sneeze he screamed, reached for his compass (no idea why he had it out in English class) and shouted "SEPPUKU!" while jabbing the pointed object inward at his gut. I chuckled...and who wouldn't. Then another kid turned to tell him that if he wanted he'd do the favor of putting Daisuke out of his misery. This other kid reaches for the compass and Daisuke shouts "I don't want to die!"

Of course I chuckled again. Seppuku jokes are comedy gold.


Blogger Ashley said...

aight but wtf is seppuku?

Blogger darrell said...


Blogger Ashley said...

ahhhh jesus! is that common knowledge? i've never heard of it before. anyway, your story makes more sense now. funny kid.


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