New Band!

I started a new band here in Japan with two of my fellow JETs, Leif and Greg. We're kinda like...pop-punk? I guess. We don't have a name yet, but we have a bunch of songs.

We had our first serious practice session today and we recorded five demos. I just recorded them directly into my Macbook, but something is better than nothing...and they're not that bad.

I also forgot the words on a bunch of them so I mumbled a lot...

Maybe they are actually pretty bad. Oh well. Please enjoying them.

1. The Fight Song
2. A New Apathy
3. Friends & Fuck Yous
4. I Promised Myself I'd Never Ever Write A Song Like This
5. Cleanup: Barstool 4

[hosted at sharebigfile.com] (I hope this works better than zShare)

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Anonymous Dad said...

If you have to download the file, then zShare is better. This service is a little clunky with the passcode and having to wait 30 seconds to download. The only issue with zShare was that you could not "click and play" the song from the web site. It was easier than this to just click and download the MP3 and load it into iTunes. Just my take on it.

Oh yeah, listened to the songs. Couldn't make out all the words... glad you are back to it.

Blogger Ashley said...

Well, considering that zshare didn't work for me at all, I support this service wholeheartedly.

I couldn't hear the vocals well, so I don't know what you were talking about, but I really liked it otherwise! I'm happy you're doing it and look forward to more.

Blogger Lindsay said...

sweet, you added a member...drums are a good idea :) and i take back what i said about 4. now that i hear it with everyone else it sounds whole.

Blogger Kenneth Griggs said...

Can I be a roadie?

Blogger darrell said...

Glad you all liked it...and sorry if sharebigfile is clunky...but as long as everyone can DL the songs I guess that's what's important.

Ken: You're already signed on as roadie for our summer Pan-Asian tour. Go Team Venture!

Anonymous Dad said...

Need a business manager? I could use a break and this would be fun.

Blogger darrell said...

Dad: When the labels start calling I'll let you know...for now...practice makes perfect.


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