Japanic! Jams (7.0)

Another Japanic! Jams...

Today we have two tracks from self-proclaimed "funk thrash" band The Futures. I'd really call them more "psychodelic thrash" or something like that. Either way they rock pretty hard, and they're from Japan.

We also have a track from Bullets To Broadway, a new punk band featuring members of Teen Idols and Rehasher (with ex-members of LTJ on backup vocal duties). They're pretty sweet and feature dueling male/female vocals, something I dig in punk and which really doesn't come up often.

Next we have the adorable love song "87" by Sissies, a Plan-it-X band. I'd heard them before, but I just picked up their complete discography and I'm definitely in love with this band. Really gritty Fifteen-style punk with a sort of riot grrl edge to it. Good times.

Lastly I've included the final track off Daft Punk's Human After All, Emotion. This is a ridiculously repetitive dance track, but I simply love it. I'm planning to see Daft Punk when I come to visit the US this summer, so I've been listening to them a lot lately.


1. The Futures - No. 4
2. The Futures - Toluen
3. Bullets To Broadway - Paychecks
4. Sissies - 87
5. Daft Punk - Emotion

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