Japanic! Jams (6.0)

Welcome back to Japanic! Jams...this week we're doing another spotlight on one band.

This time around it's The Carrie Nations from that Belle of the South, Georgia. Named after some fake band in a Russ Meyer movie, these guys played some of the best punk rock I've ever heard. Unfortunately they called it quits last year, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't own their album, Be Still, available from Plan-it X Records and almost any hip punk rock distro.

These guys take the whole nonsense lyrics thing to a new level. Beck would do well to listen and learn. The words may not make much sense at first, but it's about the way they sound together, about the images they create in your brain. The more you listen the more you'll begin to see that they're not really all that meaningless. Plus the music kicks ass the the energy is undeniable.

Here's some tracks off Be Still for your approval. If you like them be sure to buy their album, it'll set you back like 6 bucks tops.

1. Hell To Pay
2. Girlfriend
3. Former Babies
4. Top Gun

(Note: The above song called "Top Gun" is often labeled as "Fireman's Bakesale"...which is part of the opening line. However on the album it's very obviously titled "Top Gun"...and if you listen you'll see why.)

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Blogger Jamie said...

yo you should check out mt.gigantic if you haven't already. i think they're from the bloomington area? i saw them this weekend and they were amazing!


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