I'll Try To Be Brief

I wanted to comment briefly on the whole Hillary 1984 video thing.

I'm kind of amused with the way the media is handling this one. Every news article or mainstream news-affiliated blogpost that mentions this video seems to make the proclamation that this is some kind of paradigm shift in politics, that somehow this one video has catapulted us into some new domain of campaigning. Some say this is for the better, enabling grassroots, nay, individual impact on the presidential campaign, and some seem to see it as the start whistle for the largest mudslinging contest in the history of the presidential race.

The point I wanted to make with this post, however, is that once again the traditional media outlets fail to recognize the importance of the interent, or it's relevance. They're just mad that these days they don't get to tell us what to think anymore...that some bored college kid or out-of-work marketing specialist with access to Final Cut can assemble a decent political add and broadcast their message to the public for free, circumventing the media's previously unchallanged control of that form of communication. They're also morons, because it's been happening all along, they just didn't notice it.

So they think they can turn this one video into a huge news story, when it's simply a daily occurence on the internet. I mean think of the proliferation of those hoax 9/11 conspiracy videos on YouTube and similar sites. I'm sure you've watched one. You could have seen this type of thing coming a mile off. The Hillary vid has been up for nearly 2 weeks and the mainstream media just picks up on it now? I saw it posted in a blog at least a week ago. I couldn't care less about it then, and aside from the media frenzy surrounding it, I couldn't care less about it now.

What is it with the mainstream media and their need for every story they present to be life-threatening or heart-stoppingly important? I think in the end that's the appeal of the internet media...regular people are constantly presenting their opinions (which you recognize to be biased, unless you're dense) without trying to convince you that what they have to say is the most impotant thing you've ever heard in your life. I mean the "blogosphere" is annoying...but damn, I'll take it over the traditional media any day of the week.


Anonymous Isaac said...

I find it harder and harder to care about anything the mainstream media is saying. I used to read Google News with regularity, but these days it's just so filled with weird crap like this.

That article you posted made me laugh. "Who is the mastermind making these most marvelously menacing movies?" It was just so ridiculous. It reminds me of the hyperbolic language used in the novella that's included in the back of vol. 1 of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The sad thing is that most people take it seriously and feel that they really should be shocked! and amazed! by these sorts of things.

Blogger Carrie said...

What can I say? Old people are frightened by the internet. More importantly, Darrell, who's your vote for '08?

hack the planet.

Blogger thomas said...

i just joked with chris last night about getting 'hack the planet' tattooed across my chest actually

Blogger darrell said...

Tom: I'm definitely getting "If you can't open it, you don't own it" tattooed somewhere on my body at some point.

Carrie: Dude bro. I have no idea right now...and honestly I think it's a little too early to decide. I'm gonna let all the nonsense play out and then probably end up voting for the guy (or gal) who makes me feel the least nauseous come election day.

Isaac: But what about the scene with Allan Quartermain doing it in LoEG Vol. 2? Now that shocked! and amazed! me. I think it even awed! me a little.


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