A Funny Thing My Teachers Do

At Asahi Junior High the staff room looks out onto the parade ground area. Once every few weeks the kids do a sort of "fun run" where they run around the parade ground and the school property. Every time this happens my teachers line up along the windows of the staff room and watch the kids run, all the while making little comments about their performance and having a laugh at their expense.

Another point to make on this post is that ALL Japanese conversation is repetative and annoying. The fun run viewing conversation is the SAME every time:

"They're running pretty fast, aren't they?"

"Sure are. X is running faster than Y. But Z is running fastest."

"Yeah, he's pretty fast."

"Haha. Look at Q...he's not running at all."

"Yep. That Q...not much of a runner"

repeat, repeat, repeat

Maybe this is why the English in the textbooks is so inane and generic...because Japanese people actually don't know how to have an interesting conversation about anything.


Blogger Kenneth Griggs said...

I knew there was a reason I didn't want to speak Japanese.

Blogger Isaac said...

Nani desu ka?
Mizetto desu!

I wonder what they would say whilst watching a Tick and Tack performance?


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