Damn You Google News...

This is not how I wanted to find out.

I wish there was a news aggregator site like Google News that you could customize to block certain types of content...like spoilers (or all WingNutDaily articles). This actually came up back at Super Bowl time too, many of my friends here in Japan were scared to use the internet on the outside chance that they'd see the result before we could watch the game.

Alex...I'm looking in your direction on this one. I'm sure something like this must exist, I'm just too lazy to look for it.

Also, back to the point of this post:


"I hope it's just one of Marvel's publicity stunts"



Blogger thomas said...

i know man...i found out through AP and then my mood immediately plummeted. i posted the exact page on my LJ.

sigh. he'll be back.

is marvel still in it's "dead is dead" phase? cause that would be terrible.

Blogger Isaac said...

Joe Queseda said that Captain America will not come back to life while he is editor in chief. He wants to respect the death or some bullshit.

How about NOT respecting it? And bringing him back in #26? I'd be fine with that, too.

Blogger darrell said...

Seriously...or how about respecting Cap in the first place and NOT killing him? Did he ever think of that?

Anonymous alex said...

hack yourself your own RSS reader with simple bayesian filtering and some blacklist rules... Might be a fun thing to do... Spring Break is next week... hmmm.

Blogger Matt said...

Tony Stark a total dick, man. Bucky's got some vengeance to bring down upon his shiny metal ass.


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