Single-Issue Voters Are Morons

By mistake (and via Google News) I happened to read this piece of opinion vomit over at FOX News.
In most of the presidential elections since 1973, I have been what the pollsters refer to as a "single-issue" voter, being ever stalwart in my support for vigorous pro-life candidates. But this primary, I'm voting for Rudy Giuliani, despite his pro-choice stance. Here's why.

The author states briefly that she's not really convinced that the president has any effect on pro-life/pro-choice decisions anyway, so it's not longer such a big presidential issue for her. Phew...that's a relief. But why does she want to vote for good ol' pro-choice Giuli?
Unfortunately, in 2008, we Americans do not have the luxury of focusing our votes towards any domestic agenda. That we have some very large, ever-looming domestic problems — health care crisis, out-of-control entitlement programs, an irresponsible deficit, to name a few — goes without belaboring. But to give any of those center stage right now is, in my view, pure folly. Whether we like it or not, we are in a war, a war we neither asked for, nor started. And, no matter what happens in the short run in Iraq, we are going to be at war for a long time.

Oh! That's why! So she wasn't a moron because she was a single-issue voter all those years, she was a single-issue voter because she was a moron. And I won't even get into the fact that she's so staunchly pro-life but she's also for the war in Iraq...hypocritical much?

That being said, it's hard to believe that there are still people in the United States that believe the above crap. We didn't start the Iraq war? Then who, pray tell, did start it? And I love this person's blind acceptance that we're "going to be at war for a long time." That's a great attitude, and a sign that she's eaten up everything Bush and his cronies (including FOX News) have fed her since September 11th.

Speaking of which, she goes on to say this:
I'm from Atlanta, Georgia and have always been more than a little suspect of any New Yorker. I still remember when everyone I knew who ventured to the Big Apple came back with some horror story that included a mugging, public restrooms too filthy for humans, prostitutes everywhere, and drug dealers hustling on street corners. I kept up with the news that supposedly the hard-nosed, Republican, Yankee Mayor had cleaned up the city, but put little stock in it.

Okay, she's established she's got a vivid imagination and absolutely know concept of the city of New York. Let me make one thing clear to you Kyle-Anne, you can kiss my ass. You're from Atlanta, Georgia? The only time there was EVER a terrorist attack there it was while the Olympics were in town. You don't feel safe in America, you're scared of New York City? I lived in New York for four years and was never scared a day in my life. I love everything about that city, and your blind support of it's former mayor does not impress me at all. You're the reason terrorists have any success with their tactics. If you can't see that you are in NO danger of coming to ANY harm at all due to a terrorist action then you are devoid of any intelligence.

This reminds me of the stupid Boston Aqua Teen ad scare. Why do the Americans who are in the least danger from ANYTHING continue to cry about terrorism? Why don't you let the big boys and girls who live in New York, LA, DC, et al worry about that. Go back to voting single-issue on things like abortion, at least your pretend concern about that seems a little more realistic to me.



Anonymous isaac said...

Oh my fucking god. I read your blog from the top, and I was in a good mood, and then I SEEEEEETHED with rage for a moment. I sometimes cannot physically deal with the stupidity of people. My brain curls in on itself like I just did a shot of gin and then smeared marmite in my nostrils. I can't take it.

Whew. Thanks, D-Mac. For that mac attack from the back.

Blogger Elliott said...

D, you probably have seen this, but I'll post it anyway, just in case you haven't http://www.fuckthesouth.com/


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