Mr. Shimane

This weekend I took a trip up to Matsue (the "big city") for a fundraising dinner and dance. The dance was to benefit our AJET Scholarship Fund, a new JET venture where we send Shimane students overseas for English language study experiences. The central attraction of said dance was the "Mr. Shimane Contest," of which I was a participant.

I took on five other ALTs in a no-holds-barred cage match of masculinity. Through a question round and talent portion we fought to be crowned "Mr. Shimane" - a title, I'm told, actually means something around these parts. I'm not convinced.

I just couldn't seem to get into it. I bombed my question round, but I sort of brought it to the talent portion. I played The Slackers' "Yes, It's True" on guitar, and in the middle also busted into a dance break stealing Will and Carlton's "Apache" routine right out of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Jump on it...

EDIT: I realize now (after some comments) that I totally forgot to mention the winner. The winner was neither me (with my sweet song and dance routine), nor was it Ken (with his Christopher Walken dance moves). The winner was our good friend Rob, a hell of a guy from a place called Nima a little northeast of Hamada. A good time was had by all.

Click below for the pics:

The Mr. Shimane Competition

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Anonymous Dad said...

Who won the big title?

Blogger Ashley said...

Yeah, and what did the winner do for his talent? Must have been pretty impressive to top Weapon of Choice dude!

Blogger Kenneth Griggs said...

I have written a letter to CLAIRE in protest. This aggression will not stand. The guy peed on my rug, man.

Anonymous i f--k f--king pandas! said...

My favorite is definitely the older guy to the far left with the big number 1 pinned to him. That guy cuts it LOOSE.

Sort of related (but only vaguely linguistically):

I'm not sure if you're familiar with Friendly's, but it's a restaurant with many locations around the Rochester area that serves typical diner-style food and specializes in ice cream.

Anyway, they have this dessert there called "Mt. Java," but the first time I saw the little flyer advertising it, I thought it said, "Mr. Java," which was way more hilarious.

In closing, I think you should name a type of dessert Mr. Shimane. AND THEN EAT IT!


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