Japanic! Jams (5.0)

So this is kinda late...but here's your bimonthly Japanic! Jams:

This week we're taking a close look at a sweet Japanese crusty pop-punk band called Blotto. They were recommeneded to me by none other than Spoobnob of TMLE fame, so when I saw their record in a punk store in Hiroshima I snatched it up real quick.

They remind me a lot of the Plan-It X sound, but with really heavy Crimpshrine and Fifteen influence. Totally awesome stuff. I only have four songs, and they come from a split EP with a good, but not as good, band called World Today.

The highlight of the EP is the song Just Another Punk Rock Song For A Man Who Is Not So Young. These guys sing in English, so don't worry about being able to understand the singer when he howls, "I'm 25 years old, but I have just started my band. Is it so funny?" And continues in the chorus with the statement, "How I look is not so important." Really great stuff, and no doubt my favorite kind of punk rock.

Since they seem to be broken up (no webpage and no response to my email) I'm posting all four tracks from the EP here:

1. Fuck All The Situations, But...
2. Just Another Punk Rock Song For A Man Who Is Not So Young
3. Communication
4. Lack Of Imagination



Blogger Ashley said...

GRAHHHHH!!! I fucking hate this zshare shit. It never works for me! Always gives me "403 - Forbidden" when I try to download. Use sendspace or something that doesn't make me want to kill people. Thanks.

Blogger darrell said...

I think your computer is broken, because I've never gotten a complaint from anyone else.

Blogger Elliott said...

Hey Darrell, I posted on a previous blog entry of yours. I am Elliott Becker and an old associate of your friend Andrew Kudlick from college. I'm trying to get in contact with him if you could help me. Also, I want to talk to you as I am both fairly familiar with David Combs, Matt Lewis and others as well as Plan-it X. E-mail me if you like at elliottbecker@gmail.com

Blogger Ashley said...

I can't imagine what the problem is specific to my computer. It's not because I have a Mac because YOU have a Mac, and I've tried it on both Safari and Firefox. Zshare is lame and I wouldn't be sad if it died.

Anonymous Dad said...

Yep. I have tried to show mom this and "the playlist format" is not supported with MAC Safari :(

I can download it and then play it with iTunes. But, that is a lot of bother unless I really want to listen to it.

Blogger darrell said...

Well I dunno about that...I'm using Safari right now and it's working fine...but if people are having such problems I can try something else. I'll look into it.

Blogger Jamie said...

always works for me? (with a mac)

Blogger Ashley said...

thank you!

Anonymous saucy and vain said...

Also always works for me. On two different Macs, with two different browsers, for a total of four grand configurations!

(Not to be confused with "The Grand Conjuration," by Opeth)

Blogger thomas said...

thanks for the jams, as always.

ben sent me this song from today, wait until 1:19.


Blogger darrell said...

Wow, nice Unlovables homage.


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