Interesting Cultural Experience

I went to a dance party in Hamada this weekend. It was in a relatively small club, as there are no big clubs, and as soon as I got inside I noticed there was a foreigner I'd never seen before. Somehow I ended up standing next to him and after a bit I turned to give him the standard foreigner greeting. Only he didn't speak English. The Yankee Imperialist in me was shocked.

Turns out he was a very nice young man from Brazil, and while he didn't speak English he spoke near-perfect Japanese. I was able to communicate with him in my pretty crappy Japanese, and within moments we were having a very animated, very stimulating conversation. Needless to say, this was the first conversation I'd ever had in which both parties involved were not speaking their mother tongue (excluding stupid canned dialogue in Japanese class).

It was pretty cool.

In fact the conversation I had with this Brazilian dude (named "Deco"...like "The Magician") was, bar-none, better than any conversation I've had with a Japanese person who isn't Nori.

Go figure.



Blogger Ashley said...

but how was the dancing??!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to Japanic! Jams?

Blogger darrell said...

See the second post today. I was just tired and in a crappy mood. It will be back next week, but possibly on a semimonthly basis.


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