I'm not entirely sure anyone reads this thing anyway...

I love The Max Levine Ensemble. This is no big secret, I just wanted to say it and have it on record for some reason.

No single band has inspired me and made me as happy and hopeful as TMLE has. I've loved every incarnation of the band, from it's humble roots up to the current three-piece configuration. When I helped start The Konami Code, TMLE had just started off too, but they were already amazing. David Combs and Ben Epstein are two of the finest musicians I know personally, probably of our generation.

David says this.

Ben has this to say.

They both said this when I could barely form the thoughts in my head into words, let alone songs.

All their music is here.

We all see ourselves reflected in each other's eyes
We try to make changes, look away
But we swim on in a sea of expectations
And if you can't remember the last time you felt okay
Come on take a look in the mirror and you'll see
How behind all the layers there's everyting you wanted here



Blogger darrell said...

Oh yeah, and this counts as this week's "Japanic! Jams." Cause I said so.

Blogger Ashley said...

i want a photo update

Blogger Jamie said...

i was having a moment with "look away" earlier this week too.

Blogger darrell said...

Yeah, I had a little teary moment while listening to Look Away. Then I had some more teary moments listening to some other TMLE songs. Then I made a mushy blog entry. It happens to the best of us.

And for the shit talkers who “move on,”
Well, they may be gone but there’s always us,
And the war we wage on settled dust...

I miss home sometimes.

Blogger golorengo said...

I read this! Granted, it tends to be once every 3-4 weeks or so, but I read it all.

Also, apart from how phenom their songs and lyrics are (which is a total given) TMLE is forever linked in my mind with that glorious summer after senior year. Good times, eh? Team Darrell and Loren 4 eva

As a side note: the HP counter on your blog keeps blinking about "Hi-Res photos of Daniel Radcliffe in Equus" and since the only thing I know about the play involves him nakes and having sex with a horse, I'm getting some unfortunate mental pictures that definitely do not need to be in Hi-Res

Blogger darrell said...

I thank you for reading. I was mostly joking because it was going to be such an off-topic/weird/emotional post.

I'm not sure if that summer was more "dudical" or "sweetical"...but it was pretty damn awesome. Team Loren and Darrell is, and always will be, legendary.

On the HP tip: I had no idea I was indirectly linking to simulated underaged bestiality, but I'm not surprised. Gotta love the internets.


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