Happy Valentine's Day

I want this guy to be my Valentine:

Aparently this guy is some sort of YouTube atheist celebrity. I've heard his name thrown around before, but this video is interesting for a couple reasons. One, it appears to be filmed by the Christian people who are accosting him, yet he posted it to YouTube. Maybe I'm wrong about that. Two, this guy is a pretty awesome anti-apologist.

[via god is for suckers]


Anonymous Dad said...

I was hoping for someone cuter :)

Blogger Isaac said...

I'm taiiird, dog

Blogger Lindsay said...

did that guy just ask what's the difference between theory and hypothesis!?! oh my god! and yes sometimes theories are thrown out in science but that is to replace them with ones that explain things even better because not everyone just takes what is written in books to be the final word!

and in what now will not be entirely surprising news, i'm off to study p.chem.


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