Death or Glory

So a few Saturdays ago I participated in one of the best and worst events of my life. It was the annual Asahi Town Snowball Fighting Tournament (or 旭町立雪合戦大会 for those Nihongo speakers amongst us).

This is meant to be a snowball fighting event of epic proportions. However, there was no snow the week or so leading up to the event, so they decided to move the whole thing indoors. This is accomplished by having the same rules, but playing with beanbags instead of snowballs.

The game is played much like "Capture The Flag" meets "Dodgeball." The goal is to take the other team's flag out of it's holder, but being hit by a snowball (enemy or friendly) will cause you to go out of the game. This doesn't sound too complicted, but it's an action-packed game played at breakneck speed. Confusion rules the day.

And that was the downfall of my proud team, the Red Rockets. Here we are pictured below:

We are awesome.

We won our first game because the team we were to play against didn't show. We got a bye. Then we scraped by with a win in our second game, earning us a place in the winners' bracket on the second day of the tournament. However, by some turn of events, we were told the wrong start time for the second day and showed up about an hour late for our first match. And so ended our dreams of playing in the National Finals in Hokkaido.

I said it was one of the best and worst events because while the actual game was AWESOME and super fun to play, in true Japanese spirit the whole thing was bogged down by ceremony and bureaucracy and bullshit. I mean we only got to play once over two days, that doesn't sound like a good return on the time we invested.

Ah well, there's always next year. And for you, there's pictures.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me and Saber had a snowball fight, then she gave you an allergic reaction. Sissy.


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