2/5 Ain't Bad

I don't believe I posted about this before, but I had set my goal for receiving chocolate gifts from girls at school at five. You see, in Japan, Valentine's Day is a day when girls give chocolate to pretty much all the guys they know. There's not really anything romantic about it, although obviously the day can be used to make secret love confessions and the like. Then in March the same thing happens on White Day, but in reverse, the dudes repay the favor. It's all very congenial and Japanese.

I had set my chocolate pull quota at five because I thought it was a nice number to reach to...I haven't known any of these girls all that long, but I am mysterious and foreign, which can't hurt. One girl had told me for sure she was giving me chocolate, and the other was a surprise. I actually got chocolate from three girls if you count the youngish music teacher who gave some to everyone in the staff room. Not too bad. Room for improvement next year.

Also I was at my small school today, and I can't help but wonder what numbers I would have brought in at my larger school. Maybe I can work it out so that I'm there next year.

Mmm, chocolate.



Blogger Lindsay said...

yay! you got chocolate!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

was it all giri chokko...

or did you get some sweet, sweet honmei...

from a sweet, sweet 12 year old...


Anonymous Dad said...

I only got chocolate from one girl. But, it was chocolate covered strawberries - yummmm.

I think this is 25 Valentine's Days!



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