You've Gotta Love Girls

So today one of my girls asked my to hang out with her after lunch and talk in English. This wasn't a strange request by any means, but little did I know it was a clever ploy to entrap me in a MASH-like game she'd learned about from an internet chain letter. Aparently I have "forbidden love" for one of my girls, and the song that defines my life is Defiance, Ohio's "Condition 11:11." Of course, much giggling ensued.

Today has been a reasonably decent Monday, though I'm still sore from this weekend's JET Ski Trip. The weather was tropical, a balmy ten degrees centigrade, and I wore just a t-shirt and polyprops most of the day. After the skiing/boarding we had a quick onsen and then went out for all you can eat/drink beef and beer. I think I got meat poisoning.

Tomorrow I get to participate in a JET "Opinion Sharing" session. If I thought it would actually help I could share some opinions, but I'm really going just to listen to everyone else complain (and to get the afternoon off).

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Anonymous Katy said...

Hey, your mom sent me the link so I figured I'd say hi! I miss you!! I'm glad you're having fun, Family events aren't the same with out. Hope all is well.

PS it's too cute how much the little girls adore you.

Blogger Bruce said...

Watch out for those little Japanese girls, they will fool you every time :)

Blogger Emmett said...

Ski Patrol is my shit


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