Japanic! Jams (3.0)

Some more jams coming your way.

1. The Shadows - Apache
PZ Myers linked to this horrible disco cover of "Apache" earlier in the week and watching that abomination reminded me of what a great song the original is. Kinda sounds like it could be the ancestor of that Earth album from 2005.

2. Elvis Costello - No Action
This song rocks. Whenever I listen to that opening line I wish I could write a song that kicks you in the face the way this one does.

3 & 4. The Max Levine Ensemble - Jazzonia/Back To Point 0
It was a stroke of genius on TMLE's part to set the Langston Hughes poem "Jazzonia" to music. They also managed to attach it to an amazing original song to make something that's probably better than both individual parts. Although sometimes they play the parts separately...so whatever. Good music!

5. Matt & Kim - Silver Tiles
For anyone who has yet to hear this band. Two rockin' folks from Brooklyn whose jams with force you to dance like an idiot.

6. The Mountain Goats - Sail On
No need to explain this one.

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