Japanic! Jams (1.0)

So after I made that little offhand comment about "Running Out of Angels" in my last post I decided that I'm going to do a short, weekly mixtape for you people. Basically it's going to be a summary of what I'm listening to over here. It may give you a little bit of an insight into my life over here, or it may just open you up to some new tunes. Or you may not even listen to it. Who cares. This is probably what the internet was made for.

1. Elvis Costello - Running Out of Angels
2. MIND OF ASIAN - 雨ニモマケズ
3. Orchid - Weekend At The Fire Academy
4. Pegasuses-XL - Run The Gauntlet
5. The Black Heart Procession - Blue Tears
6. Bomb The Music Industry! - Anywhere I Lay My Head (Tom Waits cover)
7. The Slackers - Yes, It's True

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Blogger tom said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger tom said...

oops i deleted mine by accident. what i originally had was:

"yooo, thanks for posting these jams!

this is random, but did you ever check out the newest bouncing souls release? it came out awhile ago but i don't think we ever discussed it."

also, as an addendum, Yes It's True is my favorite Slackers song.

Blogger darrell said...

"Yes, It's True" is also my favorite Slacker's song. It nearly brought a tear to my eye when I got to see the Stza sing with with them that one time. His voice was cracking and barely staying in tune, but it sounded amazing because you could tell how much he loved singing it.


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