I've failed yet again

Hamada English Camp was this past weekend...and yet again I failed to take any pictures. However, plenty of other kind folks were snapping shots left and right so maybe I'll get to bogart theirs if I'm real nice.

The English Camp was pretty sweet though. Since you can't see any pics yet you're just going to have to take my word for it. At least one of my kids liked it. She wrote in her daily school diary:
Darrell is soooooo cool [heart, heart, heart]
I want to have a mixed marriage!!!

By which I can only assume she means with me. In fact I think my stock went up with all my girls after they saw me play "Hello Goodbye" at the camp with the handsome (and musically-talented) Leif. Go figure, crappy Beatles song = popularity. Wish I'd figured that out in high school.

In other news, either in spite of that fact that it has the same rhythm part as "Tequila" or because of it, "Running Out of Angels" is one of Elvis Costello's best songs.


Blogger Lindsay said...

So Target or one of those stores is using a cover of the song “Hello Goodbye” in their commercial, playing on the fact that “hello goodbye” sounds exactly like “hello good buy”. That commercial kinda annoys me. Just thought I would share!

Anonymous ashley said...

that girl's diary entry is priceless. you are such a stud.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

one of the JETs in my town plays that song every time he goes to hoikuen. i think the beatles wrote it because john secretly wanted to be an ALT... hidden in the lyrics is a curriculum for shogakko..



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