Don't Click The Link!

...if you're a sane person. It will make your brain bleed.

But if you're morbidly curious, Crooks and Liars has a post featuring video footage from an HBO documentary on evangelical christianity. Specifically this footage is about how they teach creationism to young people. See if you can watch Ken Ham speak without it making your blood boil. What he's doing in that video is child abuse and he should be arrested.

[via Pharyngula]


Blogger Democracy Lover said...

I watched some of that footage. I think those nutjobs should be arrested for child endangerment and I'm not too sure about the parents either.

I posted about it here.

Blogger Kenneth said...

The more man puts into God, the less he retains in himself. Karl Marx. I think he also said God is a crutch or something like that. Anyway, great link.

Blogger Zachary said...

Christian Rock cannot be carbon dated. Get that on a t-shirt.


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