Back to work...well not really

Today I'm back in school after spending two short days in the Board of Education last week. I came into work prepared to teach, but I guess I just briefly forgot where I'm living. There's no work going on today...it's much more important to have an "Opening Ceremony" for the new semester, cover lots of "important" school business in two periods of homeroom, and give a couple tests that probably should have been handled before the break. I simply don't remember the school wasting this much education time when I was in junior high...but maybe we did.

Oh well.

So here I sit in the staff room, not alone as usual, but joined by most of the staff who are all trying to look busy at their desks. Luckily I have a little outside-of-school ALT work to do today or I'd be bored to tears.

This weekend Hamada has an English Camp lined up for the junior high students. My duties involve participating in English activities with the students and performing Hello Goodbye by The Beatles at the "Closing Ceremony." Yeah, I'm not quite sure how I got roped into that one either. Luckily my good buddy Leif will be accompanying me on the keys...and I don't have to sing, just play the guitar. w00t.

And I don't even know what I'm complaining abot...tomorrow I have five periods of English - in a row!


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