1 More Year! 1 More Year!

It's official: like some kind of Steve Holt, I will be repeating a year of Japan.

While I feel like the time I'm spending here is static and non-productive for me, at the end of the day I really like my job and above all I really love my kids. It horrifies me to think of what kind of job I'd have to get back in the States to live as comfortably as I am right now. I do feel as if there's a lot I'm missing out on back home, but there's also a lot I could be doing here, I just need to make a greater effort. I'm mostly talking about improving my Japanese, but I also hope to be making a lot more music soon.

As I said before, this is my home for now, I need to start treating it as such.

More Japanic Jams tomorrow! Look out!



Blogger Lindsay said...

ouch! that is going to leave a bruise bigger than my wheelchair scar. is there anything you think you can do about it? i'd like to hear some suggestions...

Blogger Ben said...

Wow, another year, just like Kudmaster LE. I feel I should make NY my home in the same way.

You're not missing too much. Except for that mysterious fog that turns people inside out. Though it does suck not having you around to go to shows and do other punk related stuffs with.

I can't wait to start recording the new HVSD though. I gotta get out the words that are running around in my head first.

Anonymous loren said...

Douche chill!

Channel G4 (I believe it is like Spike channel light) is now playing AD on repeat (since Christmas I think they've gone through all the episodes 3 times) and thanks to DVR I watch it almost every day.

God, it never gets old.

Blogger darrell said...

Lindsay: I could send you ridiculous Japanese stuff?

Ben: Going to shows is definitely the thing I miss most about home. The lack of a music scene where I live is sumpremely frustrating. Oh, and I heard about that fog, tough break.

Loren: I think I've watched the entire AD series somewhere in the realm of 5 or 6 times since I've been here. It truly never gets old.

A young neighborhood tough by the name of Steve Holt might stop by...

You mean your son?

According to him.

And a DNA test.

I hear the jury's still out on "science."

Anonymous ashley said...

with no visits to america????

Anonymous isaac said...

This makes me:

a) Glad

b) Sad

Blogger golorengo said...

My favorite part of AD is hands down the part where Lindsay, Lucille, and George do the chicken dance together and GOB runs to get his chicken mask and misses it.
AKA I watch this clip at least once a week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uyk3xYN1jMw

But I also love how the show has managed to make hilarious:
"I've made a terrible mistake"


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