Holy Crap

I just got back from seeing the Lawrence Arms. It was a pretty nice way to spend my last night in America. I only wish it hadn't been at BB King's, perhaps the worst club in NYC...but I digress.

The real reason for this post is to "say farewell."

Tomorrow I leave for Japan...I can't believe it. By this time next week I'll be living in a new country and I'll have met all kinds of different people and I'll be having a veritable cornucopia of new experiences and whatnot. It's batshit crazy is what it is.

However, I don't want to lose touch with the people I know in the States, so for shit's sake please read my blog and email me and all that good stuff. I want to hear what the haps are stateside just as much as I want to tell you what the haps are in Japan.

So yeah, peace out America...see you in a hot year.