An update on my gradual CO poisoning

So the old kerosene heater is gone and now we have a new futuristic-looking one. It has a digital display that tells you how much kerosene is left, and a little window to keep an eye on the flame and everything. But it still uses kerosene, and the staffroom still smells, and there's still a good chance I could die.

AND I've been getting nosebleeds from the constant dry heat.

Wooooo, Japan!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Darrell! Just catching up with your blog! Way cool and really really proud of you... and, finally, but with great emphasis... so glad you're not dead of CO! : ) (try pots of water on the heater for humidifying the air. Before the rumor starts that Americans are too tall and constantly bleeding from the nose!) Love ya.. miss ya.. enjoy the visit with the fam....XOXOXOX Darcy

Anonymous ashley said...

I used to get nose bleeds all the time when I was a wee thing. Make sure to tilt your head forward, as opposed to back. If you tilt it back, the blood can rush backwards and you can DIE! Not really...but it's not good for you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't breathe through your nose :)



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