Mizuho Highland

Today I went snowboarding for the first time this season! It was kinda a last minute decision on the part of me and Ken. We were joined by Greg, and coincidentally a few other JETs from points east in Shimane. It was only about 4 hours, but it was a blast. It was both Greg and Ken's first time out, but you'd never have known it.

It's sweet having decent snow only about 30 minutes from your house. I'm sure I'll be going all the time for the rest of the winter...and next time I'll bring my camera.


Anonymous Dad said...

Great, now you will be a snow bum!

Anonymous isaac said...

i'm thinking about going skiing for the first time since sixth grade this winter...but maybe not! i'm too scared of falling over. is snow boarding harder or easier?

p.s. i was glad to see from your other post that the LOC are still around. they are so crazy.

Blogger ターナー said...

Did you take a bus to Mizuho from Hiroshima station? I'm trying to find their schedule.


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