Best Music of 2006

Without further ado and in no particular order:

Best Album - Two-Thousand and Six-Six-Six (The Catalyst/Mass Movement of the Moth)

These two bands rock quite a lot separately, but when they decided to get together a release a split album someone should have been warned about the epic levels of musical brain-destruction they were planning on producing. The Catalyst rocked the spot with their unique brand of stoner punk rock. Though they've recorded the awesome song "Jesus Garcia" a few times, 200666 has the best version to date in my opinion. Mass Movement of the Moth has never, ever disappointed me on a release to date. They kick solid "spastic hardcore" jams that can be appreciated by just about anyone. Another aspect of this album is that these two bands are BFF and you're very likely to seem them live on the same bill. I suggest you do this, because if you think the album is at all good just wait for the live show.

Best Artist/Band/Whatever - Bomb The Music Industry!

This band/dude is the best thing going for music right now. I've talked about them before, so I won't really dwell on their awesomeness too much. All I need to say is that with 2006's release of Goodbye Cool World Jeff Rosenstock has cemented himself as one of my favorite singer/songwriters, right up their with the likes of Ted Leo, Billy Bragg, and Leonard Cohen. And it can't be mentioned enough that all Bomb The Music Industry!'s music is available for free right here. Have a listen.

Best Song - "World War 4" (Leftover Crack)

"I don't want to fight your war/I don't wanna play your game"

This song, off the upcoming split between LOC and Citizen Fish, was just released the other day as part of Fat Wreckchords' X-mas Bonus. You can download the whole comp for free here. For me it just sums up the year, speaking about the failing US war in Iraq with the voice of a pop/punk arena rock anthem. I pretty well convinced that LOC can do no wrong in the studio, even if their live show can be a little rough around the edges. Some people may not like how poppy they've become...I love it.

Best Line - from "King of Minneapolis, Pts. III & IV" (Bomb The Music Industry!)

"And I know I'm not dead/Because I just threw up in my own mouth/Swallowed back/This hangover ain't that bad"

You kinda have to hear the lyrics with the music to get the full impact of this line, but it is by far my favorite lyric from any song ever. I don't know why, it just speaks to reality as well as absurdity to deliver the most hilariously serious feeling I've ever experienced from a song lyric. Right on.

Well that's more or less it. I'm sure I missed a lot of stuff, but this is what I thought was good this year. Enjoy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, if you like Bomb The Music Industry!, check out this interview I did with Jeff and Rick on their recent UK tour on my blog!
Good stuff dude!

Anonymous Roulette Bets said...

What good question


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