An Addendum

Sorry, there were two Best Albums this year:

Catastrophe Keeps Us Together - Rainer Maria

Rainer Maria was my guilty pleasure. Even back in the days that I claimed to hate "emo" I always loved this band in secret. Now that I'm less of an idiot I love them very publicly. Caithlin De Marrais has always been able to bring me inches from tears with nearly every painfully slow word she utters in her songs, and this album is no different. If you've never given Rainer Maria a chance this is as good an album as any to jump in on. I think if you like one song you'll like every song.


Anonymous Lindsay said...

i went to their second to last concert on saturday...it was bittersweet.

but on a lighter note, you would have fit right in because we ended up standing next to 3 guys in santa costumes!

Blogger darrell said...

Aw man, I am jealous. I was sad when I heard they were breaking up so I've been listening to them a whole lot the past month. It sucks that I missed them actually touring Japan by a year or so...damn my timing.


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