These people are sick

Sorry for two politically-themed posts in a row...I promise I'll post a big photo update soon with pictures of goofy foreigners and cute Japanese kids.

However, I had to point out this: The Center for Perpetual Diversity

These people are sick. Sick, sick, sick.

It may not be immediately obvious how disturbed they are, but please look at the website closely.
Do whatever you can to promote social justice, stop racism and help save white people from extinction. You are not racist for wanting to be with your own people. Don't be afraid to say that white people should survive and have self-determination. We can only celebrate diversity if all racial groups endure perpetually.

Why am I asking the people who read my blog to read this garbage? Because this group of hatemongers is based right in a lot of your own backyards...Gaithersburg, Maryland.

These people are disguising racism and xenophobia as "social justice." Their fluffy-sounding name is great...everyone wants "Perpetual Diversity"...but what it means to this group of wackos is actually to deprive non-white American citizens of their rights.

The reason I call your attention to this group is because they appear to be relatively shrewd, at least in the political sense. I could even see them tricking less-informed citizens into supporting their twisted agenda. I would encourage everyone in the MD/DC area to be vigilant about their activities in the future. Especially if any of the following names come up for local office:

Know your enemies:
James F. Schneider
Robert J. Hoy
Sharity Ross-Petit


Anonymous Dad said...

Pretty far out there....

The Center for Perpetual Diversity recommends that you take a racial bias test developed by Harvard researchers. If the results show that you have moderate or extreme bias in favor of whites, you are OK. If you get any other result you could be at greater risk of being cheated, robbed, raped and even murdered (based on U. S. crime statistics).

I have met Hoy. Didn't realize he was involved in this organization. Shows that you need to be careful with anyone and any organization before you get involved...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want to find out more on hate groups in MD and around the US


Blogger darrell said...

I actually found out about this group through the SPLC map. I should have included a link but I put the post up in a hurry. And the reason I didn't mention the other groups is that eveyone knows the KKK and Neo Nazis and New Black Panthers are racists, but I figured people may not even be aware of these Perpetual Diversity nutjobs.

It's easy to avoid getting involved with your average moron white supremacist group, thankfully (?) they wear their hate out in the open, but since this one seems to work in a shifty political way, using a lot of double talk and obfuscating their goals, I thought it was important to call them out on it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

After 120 years in this country, the German branch of my family found with WW1 that its language and reputation for science, music, and literature, were no longer to be celebrated. The Hungarian, Scots, and Swiss and Irish branches learned English, became citizens, and achieved the dream of America despite discrimination.

You know, in 20 or 30 diversity training courses, none of them have even been mentioned as part of our rich national heritage.

On the other hand, consider how diversity proponents encourage us to respect the differences of the large number of Spanish-speaking males who doom themselves to 2nd class lives by refusing to speak English, even when they understand it.
Even though their refusal rises from the concern that speaking any other person's language marks them as less than a man, the PC still uphold this macho posturing in the name of diversity, though of course it contradicts the notion. I've refreshed myself on the meaning of "chauvinist."
Apparently a chauvinist pig is one only when some macho male refuses to hire women because it impugns his masculinity

Whether a lobbyist is delivering a constituency or a business is commodifying a culture, any move toward diversity that's adverse to advancement and well-being is proposing freedom while delivering dependence.

That includes the current PC admonishment to think of this country, not as a melting pot, but as a salad where the pieces are mixed together but not with each other. They need neither melt nor prepare themselves with business language skills.

A Spanish surname is among the ad hoc means for designating a person as Latino, though that excludes the largest population in South America, whose surnames are Portuguese. Also without Spanish surnames are virtually all of the indigenous tribes, who perhaps have the truest claim to them, since they often assisted the Spaniards in overthrowing murderous, enslaving militant tribes. And then, including the Europeans of Spain in this group cluster is just the right frisson of irony beneath this PC definition.

Before lifting the torch for diversity, do as you've done with this white separatist group and examine its mentally unchallenged assumptions of political correctness. Ask yourself who benefits by lumping otherwise autonomous people into a group that is then encouraged to remain separate as a victory for diversity.

So what's wrong with this pseudo Center also promoting that, despite its pieces being mixed into a salad, they not mix with other pieces. That's less thoughtless than accepting any other PC dictum without at least Googling to discover WHY the Inuits hate being called Eskimos.


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